HOX Therapeutics Limited

Developing novel treatments for cancer through targeting HOX proteins.

HOX Therapeutics Ltd (HTL) was established in 2013 and is a preclinical cancer research company transitioning into a clinical stage company. Its principal focus is in the therapeutic potential of drugs targeting the aberrant biological activity of the HOX family of genes, which are overexpressed in many cancers which is the core expertise of the company.


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HOX genes are master regulators of embryonic development but are relatively inactive in normal adult cells. The HTL team and others have established that in most cancers, HOX genes are selectively reactivated and promote cancer growth, which in turn means that HOX proteins are potentially highly selective therapeutic targets.

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The HOX genes are a family of genes that were originally identified due to their pivotal roles in early development. They are silenced in most cells before birth, but are reactivated in a wide range of cancers, where they have been shown to be important for cancer cell survival and proliferation.

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Bioequity Europe

14 March 2019


Biocapital Amsterdam

20-21 May 2019

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13 Nov 2018, 15:53
Developing Targeted Therapies With Potential Applicability Across Many Cancer Types

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HOX Therapeutics welcomes interest from potential partners who may be interested in working with us to progress our pipeline for the benefit of patients and our shareholders.

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